Funny arcade game, but instead of aliens you are under attack by applications!

Ping My Site

This is a tool for webmasters. Ping My Site periodically does predefined tasks and ping your servers. It can ping web servers, ftp servers, mail servers or do plain socket test. When your site is down, application write a log, send mail to webmaster, play alarm sound...


Timetable application offers organization and record of school and extracurricular activities. You can choose the subjects or activities offered, and you can write your own. For each subject or activity you can enter notes, exams and more.


ToDo is a simple application to create and edit lists with items that need to be done. You can create an unlimited number of lists and control items on them.

Shopping List

Shopping List is a free shopping application optimized for Smartphones and Tablets to create and edit items on lists. Application will remeber your entries for next time. In shop, you may check purchased items for easier shopping.